Saturday, August 15, 2009

To my future husband Love Letter -Two

Dear love,

It's been forever since I've heard from you. Not a single word of your well being. It's been cold and distant without you. We have been thus far seperated by miles. As I lay still in the night watching romantic movies and wonder on days of the past. Where you and I would sit amongst the poppy fields, everything seemed animated as we laughed at eachothers laugh.

No more kisses or tender caresses I've waited oh so long. I could almost hear you declarying your professed words of undying love. I wondered if you meant them. Your distinctive scent lingers upon my bewildered heart. I could almost see the taste of your kisses so haunting.

As I write these intimate letters to you. One could hope that someday you'll receive them and in return I pray that you will write back.

I could only hope that you realize that in this dire need of passion that it's you that I turn to.

In closing im all together embraced and sustained by the thought of knowing your love.


  1. I received your letter. Your prayer has been answerd as I am writing you back. I am greatfull that you turn to me in your need of passion. I have endured a great pain in my soul without you. My love, it shall not be long before we are once again united as one in love.