Sunday, August 2, 2009


"Clingyness", the scourge of non-doting boyfriends
Everywhere, is a toxic brew of jealousy, neediness, dependency,
And insecurity. In short, home girl has separation anxiety. She desperately wants to be your number one priority, And she'll drown your new puppy if he gets in her way. "While men tend to be jealous of potential Sexual rivals, women tend to be jealous of time and attention," Says charles T. Hill, professor of psychology at Whittier College So devote every waking moment to this needy nut job or dump her and move on Right?

Hold your horny horses sheriff-it could be more scientific
Than that. A recent, and totally awesome University of Washington's
Study found that certain proteins in seminal Fluid are transferred to women during sex. On a hormonal level These sly proteins may dampen her interst in other males While heightening her attraction and possibly psychotic neediness For you. It's like sperm hypnosis : look into our are getting Veeeery sleepy....

This article was taken from maxim magazine issue may2009 issue..only re typed
And posted to get your response thank you.

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