Friday, February 25, 2011

~MUSIC: A Passion of the Heart & Soul!!~

Lately, I’ve been discovering some New and Up and coming Music! I’d like to share some ideas with you and let you know exactly what I am looking for.

What I’m looking for in the music that I review:

1. I’m looking for fresh talent! Something new that hasn’t been on the Radio yet. I’m seeking to help those struggling young artists. Any Genre!! I’m open minded and ready to sit down and review     your Music/Talent!

2. An Inspirational artist, not so negative. Although I know it’s necessary to have a minimal amount of negativity. Not every artist can be as positive because they wouldn’t be struggling if everything was alright. I know that there are stories and life experiences that aren’t so pretty. With a regard to your feelings and an open mind I seek an individual/Group that has the hindsight to recognize what the boundaries of this is. I would like the individual/Group to succeed not just because they want too but because they have it in their heart and mind to be a ROLE model for younger men and women alike.
3. An individual/Group with a “Fresh Style”

There is no excuse for nudity and that is not what I am promoting I am all about young men and women making something of themselves without the backdrop of selling their body’s to get somewhere in life. It takes more than that! You wouldn’t expect me to be selling your music looking like aunt cha-cha! With the exception with the latest artists : ie., LadyGaga it really depends on what type of audience you are reaching. I preferably would like to get to know you on a professional level and would hope that you could provide me with a resume and professional photo of yourself this will help us both!

See below photo for example of Aunt Cha Cha!

4. In Regards to Groups! - Team Players!

It takes huge dedication and strides to work together as a group. Because everyone has their own style and own opinion it makes it difficult to work with a group that doesn’t know what they want. Gather your ideas! If you request help with Graphic work or Photography please know what it is you want as a Group! Because not just for myself but when networking with other Photographers and Artists this will help you out more than it will help me! Know what you want as a team, agree as a team and deliver as a team!

Agreement Between Members of Group. If it is a group (as opposed to a solo artist) releasing the record, and if the group has not already formalized its relationship by way of a partnership agreement, incorporation, or limited liability company ("LLC"), there should at least be a clear and simple written agreement among the group members about how the finances of the recording project will be handled. Also, it is always a good idea to deal with the issue of the ownership of the group's name as early in the group's career as possible.
5. An Educated Artist!

Please if you rap know what your rhyming don’t just rhyme your words be real and concise. Please be knowledgable in the area of any legal ramifications of distribution or social media content. 

Distribution and Promotion Strategy. Think ahead about how the record will be distributed, advertised, and promoted, and how much money will be needed to effectively market the record. Sometimes all (or almost all) of the budget for a project is spent on recording and manufacturing costs, and there is little or no money left to effectively advertise or promote the record. This, of course, is not really a legal issue but is such a common (and often fatal) problem.

Liability Releases/Permission Forms. You need to consider the possible necessity of getting a liability release or permission form signed in any of the following scenarios: (a) If a photograph and/or artistic image of an individual outside the group is included in the artwork; (b) If any of the artwork which you are going to use is owned by any third party; or (c) If any logos or trademarks owned by third parties appear in your artwork. There can be some tricky legal issues in this area, so be very careful here.

6. Anti-Vulgarity - In regards to all racial slurs, gang affiliated mentions, anything demeaning or degrading. 

Last but not least! BE PREPARED KNOW YOUR RELEASE DATES! If you want a project done make sure you have enough time to have things done in a timely manner and not scheduled at the last minuet!  If you would like to introduce me to your music or you are a new artists and you fit this description please feel free to contact me at please make sure you place "SARAH'S MUSIC REVIEW REQUEST" in the subject line so that you can receive a speedy response! Thank you for your time and patience in this matter! Sincerely Sarah!!! LET'S GET POUNDING!!!  ROCK ON YOU MUSIC MAKERS!

NOTICE TO MUSIC VISITORS: The above information is offered for general informational purposes only, and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You are cautioned to seek the advice of your own attorney concerning the applicability of the general principles discussed above to your own particular activities.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls My Review

Out of all the movies that Tyler Perry has directed and or Produced this has got to be one of the best a very PROFOUND movie he’s done! I thought man this man has hit the jack pot with “Precious” But he didn’t stop he kept going he had more in him and he continues to show us that all his movies are family oriented about Forgiveness and this God fearing man brings not just poetry to life but comedy, song, dance, and the Gospel through his characters! This man Tyler Perry… has a fire inside him that no one can quench and it’s written all over his face!

 I don’t want to burn it with that cliché oh it’s “Phenomenal” which most would suggest that it is, I prefer that it just be a heart felt down to earth film about the lives of women that are going through some form of crisis one way or another.

In any case the stories of these women wouldn’t have been voiced on their own. Instead with the help and direction of Mr. Perry these stories come to life in ways unbelievably astounding captivating every part of my soul. You will be laughing, crying, you will even be shrieking as you watch this movie but unless you’ve someway or another can relate to these women these “Colored Girl‘s” you won’t ever feel that deep rooted feeling that get’s in your gut like “I’ve been there before” “I know what he’s talking about”, “I can relate, I understand and I hear someone saying YOUR NOT ALONE” because “I am a Colored Girl” and you don’t have to be black to be colored.

I would encourage you not to only see this movie but MAKE an investment today something worth your time something valuable, your not just making an investment by buying Tyler Perry movies today but you are keeping with you a token so far more valuable than money, you can’t buy an understanding of someone’s life but you can share these movies with your family!

And I guarantee you your wife, your husband and children will have a better understanding of what life has to offer and what they do have and what they don’t have and where they have been and where they’re going if they continue the wrong route.

These movies are educating and inspiring and at the same time with a deep emotional level of awareness these movies provide laughter and give you that sense of the fact that “You never know what someone else is going through” Tyler Perry not only expresses these issues in women’s lives but the movie is very poetic and also touches on relationships. Janet Jackson plays the role of a business women who has a husband who likes being with men. Another woman invites a man over to her house for dinner and the man rapes her,  another women is married to a man who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is not safe to have around their children and child services has to intervene.

“The movie not only reveals these women’s lives but when you relate to them on some level the movie actually reveals you the viewer. “

Tyler Perry for some reason or another has a thing with mentioning the neighbor a lot the helpful but nosey neighbor yes, there’s one in this movie too! She’s the kind of mother that most girls don’t see in their own mother.

As I watched this movie and I sat there listening to that man beat that women it brought me back to the childhood history of my mother being beat. Unlike in the movie I didn’t have a neighbor I could go to no one to comfort me at 4 years old when I thought my dad killed my mother rendering her unconscious. This movie has not only hit close to home with me but many others and hopefully those women that are in the same boat I hope they realize the extent of what could happen if they stay in a relationship like that.

It also encapsulates when a woman goes through an abortion. How many young teens have abortions because they don’t want their parents to find out that they had gotten pregnant, or fears of being rejected by family because they were having a child out of wed-lock.  Not only do these women face tragic stories but this movie also demonstrates that even the counselors, teachers, advisors, neighbors and other family members suffer too. 

My favorite part of the movie because I can relate closely to it is when the older daughter and mother were having a discussion about her husband molesting her daughter. Not only did the husband do this to the mother who is played by Whoopi Goldberg, but he abused his daughter also. You can see the cycle being played out through poetry as the women are talking to each other about themselves and their experiences.

The over all connection I have to this movie is that I am a woman and I have been in similar situations. As revealing as this movie is for myself it is that much more revealing to the real problems in our world. Not enough women are speaking up! Not enough women are sticking together! Women need to EMPOWER each other! That is my connection with this movie “WERE SISTERS” “I THINK THE LEAST WE CAN DO IS JUST BE THERE FOR EACHOTHER” -Excerpt from the movie

Monday, February 14, 2011

Daddy’s Girl

**My Opinion Piece**

“The family you come from isn’t as important as the family you’re going to have”
Ring Lardner

How many of you men and honestly live your life thinking about the things you’ve done to many women that you regret? I mean I sit here and I think about the ex boyfriends I’ve had. I haven’t had any real “Good” boyfriends in my life at all. As for men I really haven’t had anyone to really look up to that aspired greatness, for me most of the men including family members have made their own mistakes and lived their own life. I could never look at them in a different light than what they have shed. Some have done drugs and have been in jail some have died to obesity and my biological father well we won’t go there. Even my step-father who lived with me during my younger years did not appeal to me as a father more of just a man who lived with us a dad. There is a difference, not too many men in my life have been the model of a “GOOD man”.

“How can you give her what you’ve never experienced?” - Sarah Saldana

I’m wondering if they thought about their children how their daughters would feel if they were treated this way. If “boys” didn’t take your daughter and open the door for her when they took her out to eat or if they didn’t keep their promises or if they weren’t honest with them.  I mean if you had a daughter and she was coming to you and she cried her heart out and said “daddy, that boy broke my heart“. What are the things you would tell your daughter? What would you tell your son? I mean boys go through this too…. Not just girls they hurt and cry and lash out because they don’t know how to deal with things. Not excluding adults but that’s my whole point if we could some how change this from the root with the parents attitude and discipline ourselves to be better at this just at treating people better treating ourselves better. Then maybe our children won’t suffer the same things we’ve suffered.

They won’t be “Co-dependent”, “Needy”, “Self-centered” or have a low self esteem. How long does it take to heal from a broken heart? Are you allowing enough time between coming out of a relationship and moving into the next one? My ideal is to talk about it through the entire course of just getting to know someone one month two months three months …. After 3 months you should at least be able to say this bothers me can we talk about it.

I mean the girl starts out wishing and hoping and dreaming for a perfect romance and being married to the right man and she finds herself divorced taking care of kids alone with dogs eating ice cream and gaining weight. What kind of example is this for your children? What type of women meets men on a daily basis and different one’s at that… going from man to man figuring this is the right one… this time this one will be the last one, only to be broken and hurt again because she’s placed her trust into this man. I’ve witnessed a mother who neglected her son to date men she met at night clubs.” it happens a lot it’s just not talked about in the open.

I’ve dedicated my life to the Lord again and all my questions have been answered they have been there all along I wondered these things not because of my past experiences but because of my future what was going to happen to my life. Would I be single for the rest of my life is that what I want? Or do I plan on making my life with someone and living with them, the question I come to all the time Morals and Values vs. Real time experiences sure I was raised to not live with a man until he marry’s me. I was raised to not have a child with a man out of wed lock. I see these men on twitter tweet contradictions of themselves one minuet tweeting “#Ladies if a man loves you he’s not going to do this to you…. Blah blah blah” yes I read them! And then I turn around and I see that same “BOY” I won’t even call him a man tweeting “You fat bitches you get what you want this is how it is” I mean come on now!

“Accept others without condition. It’s the very essence of love” - Linda Allison Lewis

Then you have the audacity to question my stance on my belief!!!?!?!? “What the What!!!” any how this isn’t about them this blog is about me, it’s about my walk with God I realized the only man the ONLY ONE MAN that has been with me the course of my birth and my life has been God. He is my father  my unborn son my husband my rod and staff he is my strength. He teaches me through his word and guides me through the day through others. He has put people in my life that have shared the word with me and one of the things I had struggled with was being “UNEQUALLY YOLKED“! Some of you may not know the term but I was taught that being “unequally yoked” has a lot to do with relationships.

It basically in lame terms as I understand it means that your husband, significant other, boyfriend whatever who ever is in your love life at that time does not believe in the same belief you do. It could be a number of things he could be catholic or a Satanist, a non believer all the while you have your belief system and it’s not the same as his. Which causes confusion.

How to address these issues before further getting involved with someone before you  move on to girlfriend boyfriend status. I would address any issues by questioning and asking point blank what is it that you like what is it that you don’t like what can you deal with and what just right out gets you so upset you want to scream. I think in between what is your favorite color, food, song… there should be at some point a discussion about beliefs.  There is so much more than just getting to know someone on a basic level there is the cultural differences, and family and geographically being able to be with someone in question. I mentioned to a good friend of mine that “Gentlemen” means bond of household in German I believe that man that you decided to be with for the rest of your life should be the bond the glue that holds together that family who wants better for their family who servers God with all his heart because if the man in the house is serving the Lord then so will his family. If the man goes to church then so will his family.


I can honestly say no, I don’t think it’s easy for me to trust men in my life, because I’ve been hurt by so many. Frankly I don’t want to trust you I don’t have too trust you. I don’t OWE you my trust! I don’t think it’s easy for any rape victim or anyone for that matter to trust men when she’s been hurt to the point where she’s yelling and her skin tears and she’s crying and she has no idea what actually just happened to her body. You can’t force someone who has gone through this to trust you or anyone for that matter. In my opinion you don’t know what everyone’s been through in their life and if they don’t share these things with you then you will never know another part of getting to know someone. God loves me as I am there is no explaining to him he understands he sees all he knows all and to him I have given my trust and my pain and have survived these things learned from them and gained experienced from them.


God asks me to love his son and this is why when I pray I say “In Jesus Name Amen”.

John 14:1 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

How can we say that we love Him, if we don't trust Him? And how can we love him and not his son imagine not loving your family this way.


To be the way, the truth, the life (enough to put our souls in His hands)? - Jn 14:6

To be the provider of our daily needs (enough to put the kingdom first)? - Mt 6:33

How do you express your love for the Lord, do you delight in his company? When you love someone you love being with them you enjoy being with them. Can you imagine someone loving Jesus but not wanting to be with him? We also often demonstrate love by talking about him and through our works. You can tell a person who has God in their hearts not only through praise and worship but by living accordingly to his word.


Just as parents suffer trying to make it day by day putting food on the table and working hard to survive. Providing a safe environment for their children. This is love a love from real parents who want the best for their children. The love goes beyond providing a roof over their head and food on the table you have to nourish your child with good fruitful words that will help them grown and become the Ladies and Men that are successors! Are you raising your kids to succeed or are you neglecting them ignoring them not spending time with them?

People are willing to jeopardize their lives for loved ones I want to jeopardize my love for the Lord I know he has for me he showed his love by dying for my sins. How much more jeopardy can you show than that? Even a dog will risk his life to save his master. But no man will ever Love me like my father God in Heaven!

Happy Valentines day Father you are the only man the only  man I know in my life that has been worthy of my Love!!! In Jesus Name I pray Amen!