Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls My Review

Out of all the movies that Tyler Perry has directed and or Produced this has got to be one of the best a very PROFOUND movie he’s done! I thought man this man has hit the jack pot with “Precious” But he didn’t stop he kept going he had more in him and he continues to show us that all his movies are family oriented about Forgiveness and this God fearing man brings not just poetry to life but comedy, song, dance, and the Gospel through his characters! This man Tyler Perry… has a fire inside him that no one can quench and it’s written all over his face!

 I don’t want to burn it with that cliché oh it’s “Phenomenal” which most would suggest that it is, I prefer that it just be a heart felt down to earth film about the lives of women that are going through some form of crisis one way or another.

In any case the stories of these women wouldn’t have been voiced on their own. Instead with the help and direction of Mr. Perry these stories come to life in ways unbelievably astounding captivating every part of my soul. You will be laughing, crying, you will even be shrieking as you watch this movie but unless you’ve someway or another can relate to these women these “Colored Girl‘s” you won’t ever feel that deep rooted feeling that get’s in your gut like “I’ve been there before” “I know what he’s talking about”, “I can relate, I understand and I hear someone saying YOUR NOT ALONE” because “I am a Colored Girl” and you don’t have to be black to be colored.

I would encourage you not to only see this movie but MAKE an investment today something worth your time something valuable, your not just making an investment by buying Tyler Perry movies today but you are keeping with you a token so far more valuable than money, you can’t buy an understanding of someone’s life but you can share these movies with your family!

And I guarantee you your wife, your husband and children will have a better understanding of what life has to offer and what they do have and what they don’t have and where they have been and where they’re going if they continue the wrong route.

These movies are educating and inspiring and at the same time with a deep emotional level of awareness these movies provide laughter and give you that sense of the fact that “You never know what someone else is going through” Tyler Perry not only expresses these issues in women’s lives but the movie is very poetic and also touches on relationships. Janet Jackson plays the role of a business women who has a husband who likes being with men. Another woman invites a man over to her house for dinner and the man rapes her,  another women is married to a man who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is not safe to have around their children and child services has to intervene.

“The movie not only reveals these women’s lives but when you relate to them on some level the movie actually reveals you the viewer. “

Tyler Perry for some reason or another has a thing with mentioning the neighbor a lot the helpful but nosey neighbor yes, there’s one in this movie too! She’s the kind of mother that most girls don’t see in their own mother.

As I watched this movie and I sat there listening to that man beat that women it brought me back to the childhood history of my mother being beat. Unlike in the movie I didn’t have a neighbor I could go to no one to comfort me at 4 years old when I thought my dad killed my mother rendering her unconscious. This movie has not only hit close to home with me but many others and hopefully those women that are in the same boat I hope they realize the extent of what could happen if they stay in a relationship like that.

It also encapsulates when a woman goes through an abortion. How many young teens have abortions because they don’t want their parents to find out that they had gotten pregnant, or fears of being rejected by family because they were having a child out of wed-lock.  Not only do these women face tragic stories but this movie also demonstrates that even the counselors, teachers, advisors, neighbors and other family members suffer too. 

My favorite part of the movie because I can relate closely to it is when the older daughter and mother were having a discussion about her husband molesting her daughter. Not only did the husband do this to the mother who is played by Whoopi Goldberg, but he abused his daughter also. You can see the cycle being played out through poetry as the women are talking to each other about themselves and their experiences.

The over all connection I have to this movie is that I am a woman and I have been in similar situations. As revealing as this movie is for myself it is that much more revealing to the real problems in our world. Not enough women are speaking up! Not enough women are sticking together! Women need to EMPOWER each other! That is my connection with this movie “WERE SISTERS” “I THINK THE LEAST WE CAN DO IS JUST BE THERE FOR EACHOTHER” -Excerpt from the movie

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