Sunday, October 3, 2010

Girl Gossip

 How to be the best Gossip Girl You Can Be!

 Between all the women on the internet there are those that are classy, and those that are trashy. I have met  many likes of many women on twitter some old, Young,  tall, short , skinny, fat,  smart, dumb, poor and rich, fake, real... etc. but all the same women are different and unique in their own way.   While sometimes Gossip may be actually harmful, in small amounts it's innocent, fun and very juicy; not to mention it's one of the main ways to popularity. Make your life worthy to be gossiped about; that includes doing some crazy things once in a while (but not so crazy you're looked down at) while making a reputation of a "Classy" lady. 

If your popularity, however, is falling, win back the hearts you were once popular among- by being yourself and doing what you believe is right to gain the admiration of people around you. Be sexy not trashy, when doing photo-shoots don't go completely nude hide a little and leave a little to the imagination rather than giving everything at once. Men love it when a lady leaves something to the imagination and those that want the women to bare all are usually the ones that are afraid to commit! #JustSaying  Take good care of yourself. Your "Brand name", skin lotions, shampoos, makeup products and other stuff are very often mentioned in Magazines like Vanity Fair, Elle, Cosmo, Jane etc.. In matters of products used not only for grooming, always buy the best you can afford. Have a morning beauty routine/ritual: take a shower or a bath i prefer a bubble bath with salt crystals to soothe your skin I like Calgon, wash and style your hair, paint your nails, apply makeup. When you can afford it, go to beauty salons and spas and have professionals take care of your skin, nails and hair; it's very relaxing and you get better results. I recommend the Milk bath!! There are many things you can do with Clear nail polish but one of them is fixing that runner in your stocking's. Apply a dab on the end of the run and it will stop running. 

 Get the style. Trendy clothes, straight hair, polished look- that's the predominant look in the books. Read fashion magazines and go on to find out about the latest trends. Don't follow trends like crazy, though; having your own style is very appreciated. Just buying a few items in style  at the moment will save you from bankruptcy and losing your fashion identity.  Buy good quality, well-tailored clothes. They don't have to be designer (although a few designer clothes would be great), but they must be stylish, well-designed.  In matters of clothes, go for a sexy, sleek, high-end chic style. Buy some awesome shoes too. Own at least a designer bag, if you can afford it or shop at places you can afford! No one likes the "nosy no money browser!" these are the type of women that go into big high end stores to browse but have no money to buy.

                                                  Never fart, burp, or cuss in public. 
When arguing with someone, don't shout just be elegant in dealing with that person. Don't be annoying, and especially not on purpose. Be respectful to everyone. Learn to apologize and thank people. When going to an event, respect the dress code, if there's one. Don't drink too much at a party; drunk people are just lame. A gorgeous, privileged lady would have no reasons to be insecure, and since you are aiming for her kind of lifestyle, you'll need loads of confidence to make it. Every time you feel down, do something you enjoy, like shopping or relaxing at a spa, for example. Find things you like about yourself and enhance them.  Find a Role Model that inspires nothing but greatness out of you.. I enjoy Audrey Hepburn; you can choose her, or any other fabulous personality you admire. It has to be someone that lives/has lived the way you want to live, so that it's easier to follow. For example, if your dream job is modeling look at Tyra Banks, or if you wish to be the wealthiest woman look at Oprah or a woman who inspires greatness by just being herself why not Ellen Degenerous! These women have set goals and have achieved them this is what makes a great Gossip Girl a woman that wants better for herself who demands nothing but greatness! Being involved in extracurricular activities and charities is very important, as these are bonus points in getting into the college of your dreams and having a rewarding job and reputation later in life.

***************HAPPY GOSSIPING!!! Make sure your Gossip is CONSTRUCTIVE rather than DESTRUCTIVE !! REMEMBER!!! Make your life worthy to be gossiped about!!! ***********