Saturday, March 27, 2010

“My Small Goals for constructing my Life”

March 25, 2010, Thursday

“Things to Remember ”
“My Small Goals for constructing my Life”

1. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when things seem bigger than they really are, Just take a big breath and deal with life’s challenges one at a time.

2. Rather then bottling up your emotions learn to “Throw Up!” let whatever is bothering you out.  #ThrowUp

3. Do not! Suppress anything make sure you “Throw [everything] Up!”

4. You’re here on borrowed time so don’t ever take life for Granted!

5. Always remember what is truly important to you.

6. You will not be able to Achieve Greatness with unresolved issues.

7. Do not obsess yourself with past negative issues.

8. Learn to listen to your conscience.

9. Don’t freeze up!

10. Think before you speak! – [Yeah I know I learned! ]

11. It is a fact that you will always have to deal with more challenges and situations as you get older.

12. The longer you wait the worse problems become.

13. Don’t try to please others who don’t care about you, much less themselves.

14. When someone try’s to make you feel inferior remember to “LOOK! At the source”

15. Word of the day! “Focus” – DaveMalby

16. Be understanding and appreciative of others around you that have helped to make your life better!

17. Don’t exhaust your resources, remember your friends can only help so much.

18. Your life is in motion don’t let life pass you by before you decide to make a foundation for yourself.

19. Find your inner strength and never give up just because life’s gotten a little rocky.

20. Remember as in boxing you need to stay focused when you fight, you need to do the same thing when you’re achieving your ambitions! Fight for them! 

21. Be an adult and take accountability for your life!  Rather than find excuses.

22. Hate is a Cancer.

23. Hate can ruin relationships.

24. Even the one’s who think they won end up being the ones who lost.

25. When you forgive it doesn’t mean you forget, however you are breaking the chains that keep you prisoner of your past and give you an adult perspective and allow you to move forward with a sense of positive control.

26. Remembering the bad times helps to savor the good ones!

27. Pain is Temporary, Quitting last forever!

28. When things appear to be difficult keep a mind-set that you will and must succeed.

29. You’ve already survived the hard stuff!  You can damn well accomplish anything!

30. You will never know what you are capable of doing until you push yourself above the norm!

31. Above all else remember to have faith in you!

32. Set small obtainable goals

33.  Make your life plan simple it will be easier to accomplish.

34. You are the only person that can make a difference in your life.

“No one can make me feel inferior unless I allow them to.” – Sarah Saldana

“Construct the world you want to live in by first constructing yourself” – Sarah Saldana

“Life can be fun, if you stop and breathe sometimes” – Sarah Saldana

“Taking life serious all the time can be as detrimental as smoking 10 packs of cigarettes a day” – Sarah Saldana

“Big surprises come in small packages”

“Respect me I Respect You!”
“If you want to be heard, stop and listen to someone else for awhile other than yourself”

“If you’re not happy where you’re at in life it’s your own fault”

“If you’re not happy in life then change it!”


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love Letter 5

Dear Love, 

My heart has never been as open as it is now to you, there are times it palpitates in harmony when near you.  If I were a clever woman, It would be my honor to find the suitable words. Words that explain how much you mean to me that no one else has ever expressed to another. 

If i could i would paint a picture of my heart and give it to you that way even while I'm away  my heart is forever in your hands.  Somedays have passed, it's been rather difficult to sleep, or eat, for thoughts of you have filled me full.  

I've thirsted for such a love during my younger years. Now that i have you I hardly know what to do with it. It's a bountiful feeling almost overwhelmingly scary at times.  New, fresh and filling me with ripples of flames throughout my body burning my insides, an ember of love. 

Facing our relationship everyday with eagerness, a fierceness, a sweetness of each day being a new beginning every moment amazed by everything you do. Holding tight your love with trembling hands and fevers in my soul. Covering you with caresses of ecstasy when you step off the car and walk towards me. Your tall structure, leans into me and makes me feel safe and secure. 

Kissing me, it was just yesterday the last time you were here you made my blood tingle and my skin tighten as though I had just seen you for the very first time again. Experiencing nothing but moments of complete happiness. I gently press my lips to yours trying to forget everything, looking into your eyes. I press my head against your chest spending hours just clasped in your arms. 

These pleasures of love we have spent together are so special to me that the memory does not displease me nor can they leave my mind. The memories have created thirsts in me i've never had before, searching for more, desiring more and yearning for more of you each time.  

God bless you and protect you, guard you from all harm, guide you safely & firmly .  I love you with all my heart my dear.

Your Sarah. 
I will always love you

Thursday, March 18, 2010

You are my Joy a Love Letter to a Father


Dear Father,

I come before you today and ask a forgiveness from you. For the things that I do not understand, and the things that I have faulted in.

I listened to a few words and they’ve pierced my heart like no other… because they are true.. “You are my Joy” you’ve been the father I’ve lived with for years and you have never left my side regardless of my ways. You have been the only father I have known for years as a child and even now.

You are my birth father by all means. You have breathed the breath of life in all of your children. But you have been a guidance, direction, and comforter. Through all of the good and bad you stood and when I didn’t see you, you’ve carried me. You were a father to the fatherless, me, a husband, to the husbandless, a friend, to the friendless. You were always there when I’ve needed you most.

I know I’ve done all I can for grandma but it was hard and you pulled me through. You have never given me a task to great to handle. I have been through many trials and tribulations but I have learned to live by faith through these times.

I wake up and I think there are times I don’t want to wake up I want to stay under the covers, and other times I can’t wait to see the sun shine that you have provided for me.

I’ve never known of a greater love as yours.  I know there are times because of my walk I come short of your glory and at night when it’s time to say goodnight instead of saying “God Bless You Too” I can’t because I know I’ve been a stray.  I dedicate these words to you.. in this song today and always..


U Ain't Heard Nuthin' Yet (Gospel Mash-Up) Pt. 2

Some other Gospel Artist; Leon Patillo, Ta Ta Vega, Kennection [can't be found anymore], Amy Grant, Jars of Clay, News Boys,