Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love Letter 5

Dear Love, 

My heart has never been as open as it is now to you, there are times it palpitates in harmony when near you.  If I were a clever woman, It would be my honor to find the suitable words. Words that explain how much you mean to me that no one else has ever expressed to another. 

If i could i would paint a picture of my heart and give it to you that way even while I'm away  my heart is forever in your hands.  Somedays have passed, it's been rather difficult to sleep, or eat, for thoughts of you have filled me full.  

I've thirsted for such a love during my younger years. Now that i have you I hardly know what to do with it. It's a bountiful feeling almost overwhelmingly scary at times.  New, fresh and filling me with ripples of flames throughout my body burning my insides, an ember of love. 

Facing our relationship everyday with eagerness, a fierceness, a sweetness of each day being a new beginning every moment amazed by everything you do. Holding tight your love with trembling hands and fevers in my soul. Covering you with caresses of ecstasy when you step off the car and walk towards me. Your tall structure, leans into me and makes me feel safe and secure. 

Kissing me, it was just yesterday the last time you were here you made my blood tingle and my skin tighten as though I had just seen you for the very first time again. Experiencing nothing but moments of complete happiness. I gently press my lips to yours trying to forget everything, looking into your eyes. I press my head against your chest spending hours just clasped in your arms. 

These pleasures of love we have spent together are so special to me that the memory does not displease me nor can they leave my mind. The memories have created thirsts in me i've never had before, searching for more, desiring more and yearning for more of you each time.  

God bless you and protect you, guard you from all harm, guide you safely & firmly .  I love you with all my heart my dear.

Your Sarah. 
I will always love you

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  1. Beautifully written, he's a very lucky fellow to have such a woman as you care for him so deeply...