Thursday, March 18, 2010

You are my Joy a Love Letter to a Father


Dear Father,

I come before you today and ask a forgiveness from you. For the things that I do not understand, and the things that I have faulted in.

I listened to a few words and they’ve pierced my heart like no other… because they are true.. “You are my Joy” you’ve been the father I’ve lived with for years and you have never left my side regardless of my ways. You have been the only father I have known for years as a child and even now.

You are my birth father by all means. You have breathed the breath of life in all of your children. But you have been a guidance, direction, and comforter. Through all of the good and bad you stood and when I didn’t see you, you’ve carried me. You were a father to the fatherless, me, a husband, to the husbandless, a friend, to the friendless. You were always there when I’ve needed you most.

I know I’ve done all I can for grandma but it was hard and you pulled me through. You have never given me a task to great to handle. I have been through many trials and tribulations but I have learned to live by faith through these times.

I wake up and I think there are times I don’t want to wake up I want to stay under the covers, and other times I can’t wait to see the sun shine that you have provided for me.

I’ve never known of a greater love as yours.  I know there are times because of my walk I come short of your glory and at night when it’s time to say goodnight instead of saying “God Bless You Too” I can’t because I know I’ve been a stray.  I dedicate these words to you.. in this song today and always..


U Ain't Heard Nuthin' Yet (Gospel Mash-Up) Pt. 2

Some other Gospel Artist; Leon Patillo, Ta Ta Vega, Kennection [can't be found anymore], Amy Grant, Jars of Clay, News Boys, 

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  1. Reading your letter was like opening a window and looking into your soul. I am so glad that you have such an intimate relationship with God. There are so many people out there that, sadly, do not share the same relationship. God is smiling down on you. I can feel it. =)