Monday, December 28, 2009

Rant’s Raves and BLOCKS!

I am writing this blog as a rant and rave about Blocking and Listing these are my concerns & suggestions as follows;

We’ve all found it necessary to block someone and at least in my view block means I don’t want to see them, and I don’t want them to see me. Recently I’ve been Re-tweeted amongst people I really don’t want to see. Nor do I want them seeing me.

With the advent of lists and the present Re-Tweet system involving lot’s of names. It is very easy for someone you’ve blocked to still read your entire stream.

There are many concerns, involving security/Privacy breaches. One of the many concerns I have is that I have had many underage (that's if they are even underage followers some people have avatar BABY PHOTO's, How do you really know!?) followers that follow celebrities request to follow me. Also many followers with out photographs who are very private about who they are request to follow me as well. I have blocked these underage and suspicious followers but my greatest concern is my tweets can still be seen by the youth/suspicious followers via lists.

All that would need to be done is if they try find who’s lists that I appear on and follow those lists. The only protection against this is to lock my account which in my opinion negates being on twitter at all.

 There are private lists, which an individual person cannot see. But the public lists are available to all. And listed in the front under the number of followers you are following. That’s why most of my lists are set to private. Unless the followers are Social media guru’s who don’t mind being seen or contacted by anyone.

So if you block anyone make sure that you also remove them so they aren’t on any of your lists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that doesn’t really do any good because even if they are blocked they can still follow one of your lists. They can also perform searches through the search engine that brings up their tweets. They can just go to your main page, even if they are blocked.

I’ve had security concerns since day one that the lists came out in beta. Because, we had a preditor on twitter sometime back. When blocked, such an individual can follow a list of “Friends” and read everyone’s time lines.

So my final analysis is that blocking is ineffective! Boy am I annoyed by seeing my name especially when im Re- tweeted by someone I blocked! Or mentioned in another person’s tweet with the same person ie., followfriday’s or any other lists of random names. What can we do about this?

I don’t need this and neither do you what are your thoughts about how we could possibly have this changed.

Sarah Saldana

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What Does Integrity Mean to Me?

Integrity, what does it mean to me? I could tell you right off the bat what it doesn’t mean. But Integrity is so hard to find even in the encyclopedia these days because the word alone defines so much within itself.

It is not only defined by an honest person, and someone who stands up for their morals, But our Country has lived a lifetime of striving to live up to the word Integrity, How many years have our president’s mention the word. We (Society) define Integrity by our character and good judgement. That means a person who has Integrity is someone who doesn’t lie, steal, cheat, rob, or murder, neglect responsibilities, abuse children, or abuse their spouse, etc. You get the idea.

On other hand a person who lives their life abundantly, and with Courage and Honor knows exactly what Integrity is, Devoting, their lives to their Country let alone their family/Husbands/or wives. They are not just Service Men & Women. But individuals who have high standards, morals and the “will” to live their life dedicated to being something More! Always striving for the best someone dressed professionally, And someone willing to help others in dire need.

Integrity, I walk down the street and I think to myself, am I living a life of Integrity? Do people look at me and say I want to be like her? That’s the question we should all ask ourselves. Is that person living the way I want my world shaped? How do we want to be remembered when we die? Are the people around you encouraged by you or tired of hearing your nagging dreadful stories of she did this he did that and life isn’t just worth living anymore and woe is me. WAHHH, crying like a ninny. “Get it together”!

Do they look at me and wonder why in the world is she, wearing those blue orange sox with that purple outfit. What defines Integrity in our dress code? Form our clothes to our customs and wearing uniforms at work and uniforms at home. What I mean by wearing uniforms at home, is that we define ourselves by what we wear alone. Women for years have put aprons on and that alone signifies that they are going to cook. Now men are cooking and we’ve come along way from discrimination. We brand ourselves with logos and name tags, from Gang affiliated monikers to just plain social reform.

Integrity??? Again- From wearing hoop-earings and saying “what’s up my brotha!” To “Hello, How may I help you!” When was the last time you helped someone else? Integrity?! – In our communication. Are you speaking with Integrity tall and honest and able to look into someone’s eyes and know that you can speak freely without doubt that this person knows you’re an honest person? This is how I define Integrity… So when I look at someone you know what I am looking for. In business and in everyday social gatherings amongst friends. Who is going to understand and encourage and enlighten my life with positive words. Verses who will not be in my life and what can I do for those that have been good to me. It is necessary to take care of yourself first. But it is also necessary to heed the feelings of others. What are you bringing to the table, at work and in friendships and in relationships? Something I’ve been thinking about for some time now. And this is how I Define Integrity.

• It’s the men and woman who bravely wear the uniform of the US military and are ready and willing to fight, and even die, for America.

• It’s the mother and father that put their children to bed at night with a bed time story.

• It’s the Police Officer who dedicates his time to the community and ignores that his birthday just passed and is unable to celebrate it with his family.

• It’s the Gardeners who wake up everyday to be on time to do their job to make your property look nice.

• It’s your children and their innocence.
It’s you! YOU ALONE and everything about you is and can be about Integrity. How will you decide to live your life in 2010