Friday, February 25, 2011

~MUSIC: A Passion of the Heart & Soul!!~

Lately, I’ve been discovering some New and Up and coming Music! I’d like to share some ideas with you and let you know exactly what I am looking for.

What I’m looking for in the music that I review:

1. I’m looking for fresh talent! Something new that hasn’t been on the Radio yet. I’m seeking to help those struggling young artists. Any Genre!! I’m open minded and ready to sit down and review     your Music/Talent!

2. An Inspirational artist, not so negative. Although I know it’s necessary to have a minimal amount of negativity. Not every artist can be as positive because they wouldn’t be struggling if everything was alright. I know that there are stories and life experiences that aren’t so pretty. With a regard to your feelings and an open mind I seek an individual/Group that has the hindsight to recognize what the boundaries of this is. I would like the individual/Group to succeed not just because they want too but because they have it in their heart and mind to be a ROLE model for younger men and women alike.
3. An individual/Group with a “Fresh Style”

There is no excuse for nudity and that is not what I am promoting I am all about young men and women making something of themselves without the backdrop of selling their body’s to get somewhere in life. It takes more than that! You wouldn’t expect me to be selling your music looking like aunt cha-cha! With the exception with the latest artists : ie., LadyGaga it really depends on what type of audience you are reaching. I preferably would like to get to know you on a professional level and would hope that you could provide me with a resume and professional photo of yourself this will help us both!

See below photo for example of Aunt Cha Cha!

4. In Regards to Groups! - Team Players!

It takes huge dedication and strides to work together as a group. Because everyone has their own style and own opinion it makes it difficult to work with a group that doesn’t know what they want. Gather your ideas! If you request help with Graphic work or Photography please know what it is you want as a Group! Because not just for myself but when networking with other Photographers and Artists this will help you out more than it will help me! Know what you want as a team, agree as a team and deliver as a team!

Agreement Between Members of Group. If it is a group (as opposed to a solo artist) releasing the record, and if the group has not already formalized its relationship by way of a partnership agreement, incorporation, or limited liability company ("LLC"), there should at least be a clear and simple written agreement among the group members about how the finances of the recording project will be handled. Also, it is always a good idea to deal with the issue of the ownership of the group's name as early in the group's career as possible.
5. An Educated Artist!

Please if you rap know what your rhyming don’t just rhyme your words be real and concise. Please be knowledgable in the area of any legal ramifications of distribution or social media content. 

Distribution and Promotion Strategy. Think ahead about how the record will be distributed, advertised, and promoted, and how much money will be needed to effectively market the record. Sometimes all (or almost all) of the budget for a project is spent on recording and manufacturing costs, and there is little or no money left to effectively advertise or promote the record. This, of course, is not really a legal issue but is such a common (and often fatal) problem.

Liability Releases/Permission Forms. You need to consider the possible necessity of getting a liability release or permission form signed in any of the following scenarios: (a) If a photograph and/or artistic image of an individual outside the group is included in the artwork; (b) If any of the artwork which you are going to use is owned by any third party; or (c) If any logos or trademarks owned by third parties appear in your artwork. There can be some tricky legal issues in this area, so be very careful here.

6. Anti-Vulgarity - In regards to all racial slurs, gang affiliated mentions, anything demeaning or degrading. 

Last but not least! BE PREPARED KNOW YOUR RELEASE DATES! If you want a project done make sure you have enough time to have things done in a timely manner and not scheduled at the last minuet!  If you would like to introduce me to your music or you are a new artists and you fit this description please feel free to contact me at please make sure you place "SARAH'S MUSIC REVIEW REQUEST" in the subject line so that you can receive a speedy response! Thank you for your time and patience in this matter! Sincerely Sarah!!! LET'S GET POUNDING!!!  ROCK ON YOU MUSIC MAKERS!

NOTICE TO MUSIC VISITORS: The above information is offered for general informational purposes only, and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You are cautioned to seek the advice of your own attorney concerning the applicability of the general principles discussed above to your own particular activities.

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