Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love Letter Six - To My Future Husband

 My Dear Best Friend, Companion, Lover, and Future Husband!!!

It is like the salt in the sea that numbs my tongue, and the stillness of the day that sets the mood for this kind of love. You are far more better than the last. You terrify me with your charm, you torture me with your way’s and in all this I am elated to move steps closer to moving toward a NEW found relationship with you!


More precious than I’ve ever felt before a love far beyond compare no one can step to you Fearless! I’m ready to do this! With a hold you have on me that kind that I can’t and won’t decline to let go. The sound of you oh so… you move me the right way you ignite my soul like never before sharing a part of me that no one else has ever cared to share.

Hold me close! please! Listen, while I whisper to you that you’ve really got a hold on me right here is where I’ll stay, Because tonight I want to make things right! I want to be the only girl that you’ll ever need. The door to my heart is open, palpitating every beat you’ve descended into my life. A beat that no mentally talented artist could deride, you’ve expressed in one minuet what millions thrive to experience over periods of decades.

You have no shadows beneath you - walking with a strength that emits from your smile. No cold barriers to break no chains or shackles of past histories or relationships that burden your walk with me. You have this clean slate as if I were a child again in a classroom awaiting my grade I’d give you this I’d give you my love as a final “A” but it would never end, an undying love that contradicts itself at night when it is in fact day.

I can not sustain these feelings that of which I hunger for your touch a friendship that feeds my very entity and completeness. I am not used to this passion of which one doth not hold such a chance for a pain that is greater than which one has loved. Doesn’t it feel costly of us to spend each waking moment in such wondrous thought if you were shelved I would take you without hesitation and make you mine. A rare complexity of emotions that have flavored my life with much spirit and color. A warm heart yearning to be in love do you not feel the warmth that lingers on simple wavery. Least I breathe this last perfumed breath that intoxicates me with your affection, I’ve isolated myself until you come to me, so that no other love could bare witness to my lips I long for them to be yours.

Your Future Wife
Sarah Saldana

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  1. You are a beautiful butterfly! I wish there were more like you!