Thursday, August 6, 2009

The SunSets In Your Eyes

My Dearest Love,

neither words.. nor sounds.. nor music can express such elaberated feelings...that overwhelm my body with thoughts of you..

It isn't the way the soap carresses my hands as i wash them ..
it isn't the softness of a kiss.. but dare.. i say it is like the warmness of the sun as it sets in your eyes and beats on my skin.. as your heart beats in tune with my passions.

The emotions overtake my mind.. and with every dream .. like an artist that paints her picture I paint with each stoke of thought...

So when I dream.. I dream of you..

The darkeness is usually cold when you are away..
but the thoughts of you keep me warm when you stay

If It is written in the stars.. that we are destined to be
then my dream is bound to become reality.

My blood tingles to the sweet melody of the wavs of the air that you breathe out. Like flowers it is the erotic fragrance that entrapts me and brings me back when i am lost.

So when i dream .. I dream of you..

If it is said that I am your angel then so it shall be known that you are my wings that I depend on to fly.

If you are one for knowledge of what the heart tells you then my heart is longing to be..your sanctification.

Like the forbidden fruit.. Let me be your tempter..
As it is my hearts desire to shamlessly take all your purifications.

so when I dream .. I dream of you..

I want my joy.. I want my heart.. I want my love I want my baby...
In this i want you and all of you and as i take that bite.. of long lusting thirst I sleep in fullness.. from the drains of my
of my ever overflowing chills embraced by you.

so when i dream .. i dream of you.

I love you.

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