Friday, August 7, 2009

Blissful thoughts.. of a RockStar's Edge!

I picture it like this.. your life.. my inspiration

Round the bend of to and fro
well go together to see a show
another day of counting crows
singing songs, lets rock and roll

droping beats so fresh and fast
living on two hours rest, make it last
Burning eyes and relentless nights
waking up to flashing lights

singing songs of oh' american pride
Lingering hang overs, lost lyrics
lovely women out of reach
taking in breath's large and deep

triggered memories of stage fright
stoping to have a drink, see a bar fight
on the road long and wide
drifters as we pass them by

Lonely nights of endless dreams
empty pockets and no other means
bleeding hearts and american styles
adoring groups of crying fans, come miles

Blister'd days of tireless stands
braided hair and some lost strands
blinking lights and loud crash sounds
amplifiers booming pesky pounds
the smell of whisky and of whine
yo' brother that cups mine

smoke filled air of weed and ciggs
off we go to another gig
eating fried chicken again and again
different town different friends
salads yuck! some soggy some not so fresh
different salads i love ceasar best

sometimes sneaking in chilli cheeze fries
putting extra pounds on my thighs
and texas hot dogs, tummy aches
where's the bathroom? there's the lake.
onion rings and sticky fingers
oh the smells of gas and food lingers.

this is my take of your tour
one to three im ready for round four!
take that ride and survive this trip
another grasp another grip.
hold on tight its gonna be a long fight
now's the time where i say goodnight.

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