Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To My Future Husband Letter 3

Dear Love;

You possess a certain persuasiveness about you. I've been drawn back to respond to your letter a thousand times, with each time becoming relentlessly entranced by your honesty.

I've grasped your letter the miniut It touched my fingertips and clutched it to my breast. I've been charmed by your savy ways, and many times my mind led astray... I ask of God's forgiveness for allowing such intoxicating thoughts to tempt me.

But I write you not of lust but of love a love so dear that only the imagination could sketch such images.
My heart beats thunderstorms everynight throughout my body. And in that instant I realize I've been broken.

I've fallen completely in love with you. All that you are and all that I am when I am with you. Everything you do terrifies me. For days I've been asking myself if the moment has finally come and is it real.

When I'm away from you I want to hear about your day, How is work? Do you think of me often.

I've been beckoned to bed my body feels almost faint as I write you this letter...I will leave you with this as I rest my head on my pillow, I will hold close your letter and smell your cologn as if you were with me all along.

Your words pressed against me have become throbbing pulses, and your smile has imprinted itself in my dreams.

Good night my love - I love you....


  1. Beautiful Letter.

    Peace and Blessings

  2. ..I'm touched! So I'm sure he is!

  3. This is a feller that I'd call blessed

  4. I've never been married I just enjoy writing. Thank you for the compliments. You are truly appreciated.