Saturday, November 7, 2009

Online Social Networks Make Us More Social

Reported by: Evan Michael
Last Update: 11/06 11:17 pm

It seems just about everyone these days is trying to be more

With the rise in popularity of Facebook and Twitter, many wonder, are these social networks causing us to be less social in the "real" world?

A new study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project debunks earlier thinking that technology causes people to hole up at home and avoid real world social interactions.

It turns out, those who regularly use digital technologies are more social.

The study also found people who share photos online are more likely to discuss important matters with someone of another political party. Also, frequent internet users are much more likely to confide in someone who is of another race, as well as belong to a local volunteer organization or charitable organization.

Re: Online Social Networks Make Us More Social

I'd like to be the first to comment on this article and what it has done for me and my life. First off ill start by thanking my good friend @PaulBritPhoto for introducing me to this information.

A great friend whom has gone above and beyond in introducing me to some really great followers/Supporters on twitter. @PaulBritPhoto, Professional Photographer not only uses twitter to make contacts with Realters to photograph houses and that helps his job.

Paul goes above and beyond by helping his followers with their Avatar's and with information about how to better use twitter where it is efficient enough to run a business.

Amongst many other Social Media Pro's @Paulbritphoto doesn't just retweet his link about his business no he takes times out of his life to talk and engage in conversation and tweet songs for those that request their favorite tune.

Paul has also introduced me to many followers and has guided me on twitter. He's the Jedi of Twitter! Paul is one of many great followers and leaders amongst twitter that have encouraged and supported me through some difficult times.

A few other mentions before i conclude this blog..@AndyCrash and @TommyTrc the comedians of twitter, and @BilleBaty sends out encouraging quotes. these people have encouraged me to stay strong and to continue to live my life resiliently!

But this comment isn't just about who's who on twitter or what's what.. the thing is Twitter is a Social Marketing tool and in order for it to run properly you have to be on it constantly updating information and enaging in conversation for it to work for you.

If your problem or issue is staying home and not getting out thats one thing. We (The people) decide what we do with our lives we can not blame it on twitter or facebook or even myspace!

It is our decision! For myself i do stay home and Twitter has been a tool for me i had a mild heart attack and had passed out from dehydration and was laid off from my job not just because of these reasons but because of the economy. I was devistated to leave the police department. It was my source of income and my second home away from home.

Now, my grandmother took a turn for the worst and she now needs 24 hour care. I take care of her and do my twitter to keep social so that my mind is constantly working. I do my best to keep busy, for others that can leave the house its easy to do twitter is everywhere! Library's, Starbucks,any kinko's coffee house's, Internet/computer hangouts etc.

Now if your like @ChrisVoss who uses a twitter feed to twitt his links out occasionally but still interacts thats the way to accomidate your followers and that is Social Networking!

I believe that Twitter has created a great awareness for our community in and off the computer! I could keep going but ill stop here for now.. this is how i feel that twitter has helped Empower my life!