Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Sister My Pride & Joy

My baby sister, It all started when I was in elementary school. My mother would come and take me my skates so i could skate home. It was funny because she was sick the couple of days before. My mother looked at me while she held my hand and I eager to put my skates on looked up at her and she leaned in and said I have a suprise for you. I didn't know much but when i was younger i cant even recall exactly how old i was but somewhere between 5 - 6 years old maybe younger.. I don't remember. But i looked her in her eyes and i said I'm having a baby sister! Her response was what?! How did you know? I said because I prayed for a baby sister, to have someone to play with.

She wen't on and told me how wonderful it would be to have a sister, then added she could have all my toys when i grow up and don't need them anymore! OMG! what a disaster that was I was like take it back! I wan't a brother! She laughed and I was happy after she had my baby sister.

Now, durring the many years of growing up I have had the wonderful exciting experience of watching my baby sister become a woman. And now she is going to be a mother. How do i explain to you the feelings, emotions, and thought's that I have about how excited I am to become an auntie. I want to be a good auntie, but i have a feeling i might spoil the child rotten!

Growing up having a sister was fun, the younger rug rat, that terrorized my bedroom with claydoh! Crayons and writing on the walls, and learning to go to the restroom. I would tell my baby sister come smell my feet tell me if they smell good and give her a quarter lol. I even charged her for a hug. HAHAHAHA Good times!

We both went through the bad hair stage my mother would take us to the beauty school to get our hair cut because it was cheaper that way. I ended up wearing beanies to school! lolol My mother was amazing I recall a moment just before my sister was born, a very happy moment for me.. My mother was flirting with this man in the liquor store and she was divorced or seperated at the time.. and my mom gave me a 20$ bill to go get milk and bread from the store and nothing else. I ended up coming back with this small puppy that jumped and barked for my unborn baby sister. I don't think mom will ever let me live that down buying a 20$ toy for my unborn sister. Instead of buying us milk and bread, yeah i learned young what to do with money lol.

Sister's are special and if you have one all i'm saying is enjoy them while you can. Enjoy the moment's you have watching them grow up. Sooner or later they're married, and having children and growing old. Then you find yourself comparing who's boobs are bigger lol and who's are going to touch the ground first! LOL

God sent us to be sisters
So we can be best of friends
To be there for one another
Even when there is pain
I thank the lord for sending my sisters to me
For whom i truly love and care
We shared so many things together
Like laughter and some scares
It’s funny how we sometimes argue
I guess its normal, in this world
But, having you as my sister
Means more to me, more than you'll ever know
I wouldn’t trade you for anything
I will never let go
As our friendship continues to grow
So will my love for you
Just always remember you can talk to me
I'll be the best friend you ever knew
Sisters by ANGELICA MACHADO @FamilyFriendPoems

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