Wednesday, November 25, 2009

To my future Husband-Love Letter 4

Dearest Love,

As the day breaks through the curtains of my bedroom the sun shines upon my face and warms my soul with thoughts of you. Your caresses, kisses and touch are a lingering power over me.

Not only am I not sad, but I am deeply happy and secure with every tender memory of you since you’ve left. Are you sure that you shall love me forever? Because I lie awake after we’ve talked the greatest part of the night thinking of you.

There was a time when the ending of your letters were like your arms clasping me to your heart.
Those letters have taken all the real pain out of my life. You’re, loving sympathy calms my moods of despondency. And not only strengthens me but makes me want to become a better woman.

You have given meaning to my life by not only sharing your ambitions and goals but by an assurance of understanding of my life. Things have become much simpler with you by my side ardently devoted to me and my cause. You’re understanding of my thoughts and aim’s make me feel that I can epitomize the power I possess. You have brought nothing but happiness and sunshine to my days, and have brightened my outlook of life which was growing stale and morbid.

I am nearly crazy about you as much as one could be crazy. I can no longer think of anything but you. Your amorous caresses take possession of me. Distance does not matter because the supply is never ceasing.

Your wild but really affectionate Wife.
Sarah Saldana


  1. Nice words lady, this is what I call a LOVE LETTER! =)

  2. a little mushy...
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