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How many times have you wanted to just turn to someone to talk to? Someone Supportive? Someone who understands exactly what you’re talking about? This is what Reflections of Time is going to do for you.

I am in the process of developing a program called Reflections of HOPE. Because when we care for someone, when we take the time to feed, bathe, clothe, etc., someone else. We take on a responsibility far more delicate than most.

What Reflections of HOPE is going to provide for you is a support group not just within our own community. But I was hoping that with strong followers and friends we could branch out and become a huge stream of supporters for each-other!

I am going to look at this as a goal my goal is to help, inform, and guide you. During the difficult time caring for your friend, family member, or pt. Doctors, Nurses, Students, and Interns are welcome to join in on the fun and educate your providers because sooner or later you will be a senior and need the same support or help!

Prepare yourself now! Look no further! let’s do this together let all PROVIDER’S unite! Voice our opinions voice or stregnth’s and our weaknesses! Let’s learn from eac-hother!

I will be providing you with some links and updates but the comment area of this blog is for you! So you can join in on the fun and share stories! I will be further looking into a way we could do some background check’s for those that need assistance from other members that are looking for a job or training. It is not official yet and it is a plan in process but if you agree with my idea, goal please comment and let me know what you’re thinking!

Home Care isn’t just for Senior citizens its open to disabled children, and men and women that just can’t do for themselves anymore. This site is not just about us but the happier we are when we are able to help and talk to each-other the happier our client, patient, friend, family member will be. Because if you haven’t figured it out yet when you’re positive about life your pt. will be positive about living! Because that’s what your promoting when you care for someone else your promoting life!

I WOULD LIKE TO MENTION @KBRTradio a radio station that has inspired me from day one! With #TFTH! Talk From The Heart! You can call and talk to Rich Buhler he’s a great radio host with a great staff willing to listen! Grandma has called and talked to Rich and I have called and I have read Rich Buhler’s book. I’ll mention that later in my blogs as I have mentioned it before! I will post a website and number if I get the ok from Tim to post. Also follow Rich’s staff members @myfoxmystere an awesome friend and supporter! I love it! Thanks to my favorite radio station with Heart!

Here are some links for you to review; if there are any links that you would like to provide please email me at JustSweetAngel@aol.com with the subject line of REFLECTIONS OF HOPE so that I know you are from this blog and you want me to read what you have to say or post a link that you would like posted thank you!


Supporting providers of in-home care: the needs of families with relatives who are disabled

Senior and Disability Services

Choosing Care for a Child with Special Needs

Husbands and Wives as Caregivers
Dual Roles of Spouse & Caregiver Can Damage a Relationship

http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/146272/how_to_care_for_a_sick_wife.THIS IS A GREAT SITE! OFFERING VALID INFORMATION TO FOLLOW!

The Decision to Use a Caregiver

Some people don't like strangers coming into the home, but a competent caregiver can easily fit into the household routine, making life easier for the couple. Still unsure? Consider these points that may help both the caregiver spouse and partner.
Honestly evaluate the magnitude of the situation. One must consider more than just the daily needs of the sick or injured person. There may be a loss of income while the sick or injured spouse is not working. There may be sudden changes in lifestyle. The well spouse may have to adjust his or her own employment schedule or take time off from work. Younger family members still need attention, too.

Realize that one person cannot possibly do it all. When injury or illness strikes, it is often the well spouse or significant other who insists on being there – driven by marital duty and loyalty – to care for the other person. But no matter how efficient, energetic, or organized the well spouse may be, no one person can reasonably or sufficiently manage everything.

Recognize that pushing beyond reasonable limits can lead to burnout and resentment.
Never underestimate the size of a caregiver's job. Whether actively or passively involved, even simple duties demand time and energy.

Know that paying attention to one's own needs is imperative. Caregiver spouses who allow no time for self-indulgence, and who do not properly maintain their own care, risk burnout or becoming ill. Depression, isolation, and resentment are signs of burnout. Overeating, alcohol abuse, bouts of anger, and inattention to appearance, are just a few of the danger signals that an overworked spouse may need help.

Expect a romantic relationship to suffer without help. When one spouse is overburdened, and the partner feels powerless to help, problems with sex and intimacy in the relationship are almost certain to develop. Furthermore, the perception of traditional roles of husband and wife change when one spouse sustains a devastating injury or is suddenly diagnosed with a long-term illness.

Accept that dignity and self-esteem play a vital part when a spouse is chronically sick or injured. When it comes to personal hygiene care, some husbands and wives are just not comfortable accepting help from the well spouse. Help can come from an agency caregiver, a volunteer, or from a personal care attendant (PCA).

Dual roles of spouse and caregiver may not seem difficult at first. However, the daily demands of caring for another person, obligations to family, staying employed, and routine of endless chores, soon become overwhelming for the well spouse. Increased worry, anxiety, and stress are unhealthy for any relationship, no matter how strong the couple may be.

Know when to hire a caregiver. It makes sense to get help before a crisis situation leads to resentment and depression for the well spouse. Once a couple realizes the advantages, seeking help from a qualified caregiver seems like a logical and very wise choice.

How to Care for a Sick Wife

Children caring for sick and disabled parents ‘risk lasting problems as adults’


  1. Actually this is great information.. do you have chapters in Orlando?

  2. It's in the begining stages im waiting to get input but if you'd like to become a leader in that area and get a group going please advise and i will do my best on this end to accomidate the other necessary needs!

  3. Awesome idea.

    I have a friend who is sadly dealing with the illness of a second parent dying from cancer. Every time anyone says anything about him doing something for himself, he asks, "what?" He is lousy in asking for help, and feels he needs to do everything himself. I can't imagine what he's going through, and figure that somewhere, somehow, there must be someone that could help in a way that speak his "language."

    If there is anything I can do to contribute to your efforts (I am a Hypnotist, among other things) please let me know. You can find me at http://JoloPe.com. @JoLoPe

  4. That sounds great @JoLoPe just your outreach to help means a lot! and i think that just knowing that is inspiring to others like us and your friend yes the struggles with taking care of a family member can be a drain and like a roller coaster effect. I don't know how long my grandma will be around but i'd like to carry on something that represents her and I think this is a good way to do that. Just posting your information here should be the ticket thank you!

    Thank you for your response!