Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Personal Quotes - Things that I say or Believe to be True

"You either dwell on unhappy thoughts or take charge or your life living it like no one else!" -Sarah Saldana

"Sometimes love comes in spurts I HOPE MY LOVE COMES in bursts!" -Sarah Saldana

"Never be afraid to Live your life the way you believe it should be lived!" -Sarah Saldana

"Poeple that don't think much about life have less to say about it" -Sarah Saldana

"If you never knew love how can you give love "Just Be Love" - Sarah Saldana

"I couldn't count my blessings, because God gave me to many friends when i didn't think i had any!" -Sarah Saldana

"When your alone, your really not alone chances are someone else has been there before you!" -Sarah Saldana

"There's only one road, one path to greatness and I'm taking it!" -Sarah Saldana 

"It's not the money that makes the man it's the man that strives to be his best that defines him!" -Sarah Saldana 

"There is going to be 1 person that doesn't feel good about themselves that's going to put u down Don't fight back just say I love u too" - Sarah Saldana

"Have you Thanked someone today!"- Sarah Saldana

"Live Life Resiliently!" -Sarah Saldana 

"I remember a time when we had nothing, but I also remember that it humbled me and i didn't need anything to be happy" -Sarah Saldana

"Everything that I am is a reflection of those that have loved me" -Sarah Saldana

"No one's pain or suffering is Greater than any else's" -Sarah Saldana 

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