Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My views and opinions on tattoos ...

So back when I was younger I was always asked about if I wanted to get a tattoo or if I ever thought about getting one. The answer is yes I pondered this thought many times and the pressure of wanting one was great! I wanted one so bad just to rebel against my mother because she never had one and she never believed in getting them and they weren’t for ladies. Apparently “whores” had them, prostitutes or people who had hard lives or were on drugs.  Some people get them because they want to change their persona from looking "Nerd to Geek " in which being a Geek is much cooler.  

I’ve even had people I worked with detectives, and such people in respectable job positions tell me that they wouldn’t accept food from people with tatoos and then I started to look at the people that I would come in contact with that had tattoos on their hands. Thinking does this person do drugs what if this person has aids, could this have any effect on me? 

As I grew out of that thinking method and just started to ignore things again I realized it wasn’t a great harm that someone did have a tattoo on their hand. But I have also learned that heroin addicts did hide their scars with tattoos but so did just ordinary people who have had accidents or birth marks or scars that they wanted to have hidden.

People get tattoos for different reasons another subject was the young adults that were getting what you call the “Tramp Stamps” this basically signifies that you "like" anal sex by getting this tattoo located on your lower back just above your buttocks. If you think about it tattoos are solicited as being sexy, or cool. So people associate tattoos with sex instantly. Especially in the world of photography because they aim to show off the tattoo but sometimes neglect the person and their beliefs or strengths or motives for actually getting the tattoo. 

People are also getting tattoos that are similar to each other to declare their undying love for one another as stated in this article here where they display Hebrew tattoos and foreign language.  http://hubpages.comhub/Tattoo_Ideas_Hebrew_Words_Phrases I believe even Angelina Jolie and many other celebrities have gotten their tattoos as such. I have had family that has had tattoos and they won’t remove them for their own personal reasons. Many websites like this one state that tattoos are a way to express yourself a style an art form in some degree I believe that is true but in others I do not. http://tattoos.iloveindia.com/tattoo-history/tattooing-in-africa.html I believe that a tattoo is far more than just a piece of art work on your body.  

Tattoos stand for something far more deeper than just a piece of art work I believe that it stands for your heritage your race, your decree in the world this is how people look at it. This is why they refuse to remove them when asked to do so for work because they feel that they’re being stripped of their history their belief, and again this is how they demonstrate their freedom of the 1st amendment. “Freedom of Expression”

So why wouldn’t it be ok for me to get a tattoo right? I am old enough now and able to get one and now that I have had a rare look into the idea of it I am reluctant to do so. Why you ask, one because I have seen so many young teen -agers get them that I think it’s more for young adults than it is an adult I think it’s a stage we all grow out of. I believe it’s a desire you have at the moment but then you change your mind later realizing I wish I had not done that. Because when your children, see you doing things like this they will follow in your foot steps and to what extreme do you think they might go? See examples of what i mean by extreme behavior in the below link…. Not only that but what are you opening their world up too?
Now that you know my decision on the subject how about my other view “Devils Advocate” Yes I love the tattoos I love the way they look and I am all for “Freedom of Expression”. I believe if I were to ever get a tattoo it would be something like the one here in this photograph to the right, because if I ever had to defile my body it would be like this something beautiful.  

Now back to the “non-Advocate” view I’ve expressed many of the rare reasons why I wouldn’t get a tattoo and some of the reasons why I would but here I will also give you my religious view God made us in his image why would I want to change that or alter it? Oh I can hear you grumbling already! Lolol don’t worry I am not judging you these are just views as you state your tattoos are expressions so is my writings. I am expressing my differences and my beliefs, and my opinions as you are with tattoos which prove my point that tattoos are more than just Art. Some tattoos demonstrate the more tribal art like below and as stated and expressed in the first link provided above. 

In the second link above it’s funny they will show you a few of the many meanings of what tattoos mean, but they never tell you or show you the gang related tattoos. Why is this? Why would anyone who is so defensive to standing up for their gang or standing up for their barrio or their city? Here are only a few reasons why they are hiding the meaning beneath the art because this is how they communicate with each other to decipher who is who and which involvement with which gang and how many years you have been in that gang. I asked once, what that tear drop meant underneath a young man’s eye, he said it meant that he had killed someone. It was part of his initiation to the gang involvement.  

There are other gangs and I have to also be careful of what I share because of the privacy of others. There are so many individuals who are even tattooing themselves on their forehead and underneath their hair so when they shave their head it is on their head to be seen for all to know where they came from. But the thing about this is that those same people have suffered have lived a hard life and have come from a background with a rough upbringing. Which in my opinion is probably the worse reason to get a tattoo because when those people that have hurt you die you’re stuck with the remembrance of it all? Then there are those that can’t get a job because their face it tattooed unless you’re working in a tattoo parlor.  

I’ve assisted many people in my young age with resume writing these are grown folks in their 40’s and above that don’t know or forgot to write a resume. How do you think I feel when I am sitting next to these people who have had time to learn but don’t put enough effort into themselves they don’t love themselves enough to educate themselves to do their activisms wisely. No for years the Hispanic heritage is always the parents looking to the oldest to take care of them when they grow old.  

I am facing these issues now in my life and what difference does a tattoo make? Sure I can have my say in the world right, but what real difference is it doing? Other than making a statement of where I am from. I wish these gangs would do greater things than what most of them do. Another psychological view is that some people like pain, and or suffered pain in their life and when you get a tattoo it is like if you have one it some how eases the pain because the person feels that they have let it out their say without words. Their point of view without having to say anything.  

Any how these are my views about tattoos and it’s not about “gangs” that is for another blog someday. So if you are thinking of getting a tattoo either way I hope that I have not discouraged you but have opened your eyes and mind to the some hidden meanings to having a tattoo.

“If you would like to have your company information below this blog as to where people can go when deciding to get a tattoo please let me know and I will post it. Thank you!”

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