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“Value Conflict” In the next few paragraphs if you haven’t already made your decision on abortion, weather to be pro-life or pro-choice. You will see that you will have “Value Conflict” the value being freedom.  Do your core values change? I will share some pro-choice views and pro-life views in which you will be able to question if you still hold strongly to your view without question?

[Science and reason clearly reveal a human fetus to be a human being]

The above proposition is a statement of fact. Its truth or falsity is to be determined by applying principals of science and reasoning. It is not a question of opinion, belief, or religious dogma. Many reasons or justification for killing the unborn human, and thereby terminating an unwanted pregnancy, are not trivial; but certainly they should be examined with rigorousness given that the interest sought to be protected costs the life of a human being. Different people use different standards of measurement by which to define “human life” some use a theological or religious faith belief, some as philosophical theories and beliefs, others by using biologic, scientific facts.
[In regards to Rape Victims]
 We must approach this with great compassion. The woman has been subjected to an ugly trauma, and she needs love, support and help. Being the victim of one violent act should we now ask that she become party to a second violent act – that of abortion? The percentage of rape pregnancies are said to be less than half. Back in 1999 when I started this research, There was a decreased rate in Rapes. What about if the rape victim is married? What if the rape victim is supported by her family members? What about other options?
Clearly you can tell that I am very passionate about this subject given my history. I am a product of a rape  and speaking from experience I can tell you that it is a difficult decision to make and I am proud of my mom for what she had decided.  Although, I have been  a very hard worker, and I’ve went to college and I am here nothing’s wrong with me. There are many questions that I have had to face that will always be there for the rest of my life, like:  What about the baby growing up without a father? I grew up without a father and to be honest with you, you do tend to look for that male security. But you find it in your uncle or your grandfather if you have a loving family, and if you have some type of religious faith you look to God your spiritual father who provides for you. But what happens if you don’t? Then the other option is adoption.
The mother may hate the child due to the fact that she may see some traits of the rapist within the child. This is true but it’s not because she hates the child it’s because she’s been hurt by this man really bad and will be reminded by it for the rest of her life. Will the child know his/her heritage? That’s the question that I still have to deal with. “Where did I come from Mommy?” What will the mother tell the child then?
The decision is when are they ready to hear the truth. I wasn’t ready to hear about the way I was born. I had raised questions like will I grow up to be like this rapist? I was a freshman in high school my mom had gotten married and the man she married wasn’t a good husband. Two years into the relationship she found out that this man was gay and then I had witnessed him abusing my mother. I was traumatized as a child and some things I still face today. I will always be reminded how I was born I can’t change that.
This is one of the major arguments today in our society. Will this child be abused because of who the father really is? Facts have proven that not too many people can get pregnant from a rape. There are many questions  that too like … if the person is too old to conceive, or too young. How can we help? What programs should we have? What about population there are just enough of us in the world today.. It has also been proven that in some countries there are not enough people. And with that you need people to function in a society. I believe that before I did this report I was pro-life but when it comes down to it where does it all go back to? Education, I believe if we educated these high school/college students more then we wouldn’t be having this argument.
The whole reason why this has been a governmental issue is that we have to make sure that an increase in population wouldn’t harm our status now. Second, who will pay for these abortions? Where do our taxes go? I have made a decision not to have an opinion on either side.
I do believe that if there is a child that was a product of a bad home and with a parent that is not mentally fit to have a child and has somehow got pregnant what should she do? I thought classes to teach her how to care for this child. But who will pay for these classes? What if you have a parent that has 7 kids already and one day she doesn’t plan on it and she gets pregnant? What if you need to make the decision of killing your baby or dying because of complications? Where does your sanity lie here?
When it comes to your freedom and your freedom of speech, press, and so on if we give the government our decision to decide whether or not we will keep or not keep this child, then what about later on what other decisions is the government going to make for us? What do you believe do you kind of believe both views? Or neither?

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