Friday, June 24, 2011

Love Letter 8

A secret love affair, you’ve taken me by your hand you’ve lead me at the beat of your heart you took me amorously you stirred feelings that thrive on this lust, this love, this desire you’ve awakened any dull moments in my life when I am with you. You’re like the light in the dark you lead the way to a sanctuary of sounds that vibrate through my body touching every sense in me. Igniting moves as you dip me fiercely staring deep into my soul with your eyes. And when you dance with me, I fall weak to your strong hands and your firm body. I’ve longed for you to touch me this way.  You’ve not touched me fervently but calmly and loosely to a point of no return. I’m capsulated by your love. I thought of this night a million times only in my dreams. We’ve danced to the beat of this song before, one of your hands on back as the other rests slightly on my chest as you traced the contours of my cleavage. Your back hand slowly crept up my back to my neck pulling me into you I smelled your scent which leaves me bewildered and in this moment alone I’ve submitted to your flow. Let me tell you of the things that you do to me, your mind moves me, and I’ve been dominated by the powerful emotions of this dance that I’ve only imagined with you.
This private affair in my imagination that takes me places at the beat of your heart, strumming life into my very existence. So profoundly, tender like whispers to my ear. It is a whole new language you speak to me when I am with you. The forbidden kind of love, that breathes in the silence of the night’s shadows. I can not sit again for the wonders of this dance have me in a complete happiness experienced here and now.Oh, the joys of the flesh longing to be near you again to caress you with ecstasy.  Where has the night gone already these past moments without you seem like centuries pardoned by days. My heart flutters with each palpitation of the beat of thine own. I write you this beautiful letter in appreciation and adoration of all the love you’ve given to me on this night where we’ve danced as one.
I long to bask in your tender gazes, our hands clasped together and the day I can call you my forever lover.  Looking into your eyes with such admiration, the harmonious recognition of your genuinely extended  love.  I can only entice you to give your whole heart purposefully. I toss and turn in the dead of night just before I lay down due to the effect you have on me.  You’ve delighted my soul in such a way that is unimaginable, only that of a visionary could see such beauty. In all your wonder you send me in awe and i am mesmerized by all your melodic wonders. It is without a doubt that i am full of certainty that it is you I was born to be with for the rest of my life.
May the joys of heaven continually shine on our path together in where once was strangers has magnificently grown into such a refined beauty.

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