Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Siege ~ Who is he?


Who is he?

Business owner, Graphic Designer, Hip Hop Artist, has two internationally recognized music singles, featured on Mixtapes from the UK hosted by DJ Bunty (Mixkings) and Knew Rulz (Draft Pick DJs) , most recently having a track produced by US Producer Illmind who has been linked to G-Unit and featured on one of Illmind’s signature mixtapes Blaps Rhymes & Life vol. 5 co- produced by one of England biggest Djs, Dj Dub MD which has reached close to 200,000 downloads which dropped in February 2011 and Siege will be featured on another mixtape out of Las Vegas done by The Mixtape Brothers due to release on June 4th 2011.  He has received airplay on stations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston and New York.
After hearing Siege the first question on people’s lips was exactly where is Siege from? The answer to that being somewhere no one would’ve guessed…Trinidad & Tobago. Yes Trinidad & Tobago, the same place great artists such as Heather Headley, Chip Fu, Etienne Charles and Niki Minaj to name a few came from but unlike the rest Siege has never left his native country, yet possess a sound that has been considered one that fits in globally.
Born on November 1st 1985 to parents of Black and East Indian descents, Siege was always recognized as composed, humble being. He was blessed with artistic abilities in poetry, painting and visual arts. He was both respected and admired by his peers.
Residing in the town of Belmont located in Port of Spain, Trinidad, he grew up amongst mixed influences, being exposed to the bright and dark side of life. Siege observed his counterparts and gained knowledge and was greatly educated about the rules and ways of street life.
Although he was exposed to the drug pushers and the street life, he still completed his education, gained an average job and tried to establish himself in the economic world. Still having a love for poetry and rap music Siege recognized that he had a great talent and should put it to good use. “Being exposed to music by great emcees such as NAS, Killer Priest, Rakim, Black Thought from the Roots, KRS  One, Busta Rhymes, The Wu Tang Clan and Dr. Dre just to name a few, tends to have an effect on you over a period of time” He said.
Realizing this he started his journey as an emcee at the age of 19 years in 2004. He was quickly recognized for his ability to be uniquely lyrical and hold down freestyle session like days of old on street corner ciphers. Other emcee’s from around the way heard of him and started to vibe off his style and persona. “We use to have ciphers all the time, we used to feed off each other’s lyrics just making our own internal flame spark, priming us to spit our hardest and do lyrical and verbal damage to opponents” he said.
He started recording with some local underground artists and it went well for a while but he later decided to spread his wings and pursue his own path and squash the whole group idea. “It wasn’t for me, I just didn’t mesh with those brothers, we all had creative differences and like crabs in a bucket they tried to push down each other …not my style” he said
He took a break for a while and concentrated on graphic arts but as with any addiction he was back to developing his talent as an emcee once more. Later on in November 2006 he started working on music with his long time friend Christopher aka D’Chris/Bruce Wheyn of D2B (Dem 2 Boie). “I knew Chris since childhood, we chopped it up a few times but decided to take it serious in 2006” he said. Christopher then introduced Siege to Miguel aka Boogie Brown of D2B, Producer. “First time before I went to studio D’Chris warned me, Boogie don’t feel bullshit, he is real, as real as you could ever be when it comes to Hip Hop but soon as he heard me rap, he got all the proof he needed that I was indeed a force to be reckoned with.” he said. Since then they’re worked on different projects such as “The Urban Re-Collective” Album, “The Brick Soup Kitchen” Album and featured on many of D’Chris Flip City Mix Shows. Siege now in his 20’s and certified graphic artist is still hard at work perfection is discipline as an emcee.
Siege is currently recording his Mixtape “Black Diamond Chronicles” working with producers such as The Beat Heroes out of Miami, Florida, London based producer Anno Domini and German producer Philip Grothe of MAKA Productions. He has also currently teamed up with Jedi Night Skool out of the US and is working on a EP, Title, Guest features and date of release to be announced.
To listen and download current and past releases from Siege go tohttp://www.moneymarketlegacy.bandcamp.com , to follow updates on twitter go towww.twitter.com/2MLegacy
For booking and interviews send email to info@moneymarketlegacy.com or moneymarketlegacy @gmail.com


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