Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I met someone today..

I've known this man for years..
I have always passed him by on the street and said hi
I asked for his help and he was there..
I was crying he bent his knee and lent his shoulder

I met this man today for the first time
through all the years of my life. that i have known him
I heard about his wife and kids and about his life today
and how he doesn't get much time to spend with them..

He told me how he has done so much for a lot of people
and people curse him and put him down and
don't pay him the respect that is due to him..
Just like God .. how he died for our sins.. this man
he would protect me and his Friends and family and others..
without a doubt till his dying day..

I heard from this person that he/she would do more
if he/she could.. after all he has done already
but we deny him/her the funds.. and support

If i could give this person anything .. I would give him my thanks because thats all i have .. If i had more i would give more.. but..

I want to give my thanks to this person today..
I want to tell this person thank you for giving up your time
from your life.. to allow me to better understand what your job is.
thank you .. instead of having the many birthday party's..
and Christmas and Halloween and thanksgiving parties and family reunions..
thank you for giving that time up for me to be safe.
thank you for being a father.. to the fatherless'
the husband to the husband-less..thank you for listening'
thank you for hugging that child that was just molested by her father, mother, sister or brother.. thank you for rescuing that cat from the tree.. thank you for saving that persons life who crashed into a poll.. or someone that drowned in the pool. thanks for taking our calls and hearing our complaints thank you for putting up with all
of our childish behaviors..thank you for thinking of us even after you go home from work thank you for putting yourself on the line for us' thank you for dying for us. thank you for all that you do.

thank you
Mr. Officer

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