Thursday, February 11, 2010

Roses in a different Light..

Roses are often given to women for various reasons. Red, pink, orange, white, yellow, a different color for a different emotion. Some say Red Roses denote love, white resemble purity, and yellow - friendship and so forth…

Personally I have a small pet peeve about Roses, I love roses in a garden, maybe even at the cemetery, I love smelling roses I love arranging them in vases. But to receive a red rose, even a dozen red roses from a man is rather disappointing. Now you may ask why.. and most men right now are probably shocked at the idea of a woman refusing roses.

But here is my simple but ideal response;

When I was younger, my mother and father would argue and the first thing my step- father would give my mother would be red roses. One day (this was funny), they argued and he left and came back with one single red rose, a large one, I hadn’t seen this type before. He laid it on her chest as she was asleep on the couch. She woke up and threw it at him and asked if he was preparing for her funeral.

 I didn’t understand at a young age but this became a negative reason why I don’t like to be given red roses. Another reason is that generally it’s just done so often that the gesture is outdated, old, or abused.

Another reason is that it takes a true man to learn about his woman and know what type of flower she likes and desires. My Grandfather would take an Orchid to my granny every year on her birthday and it was a corsage. Granny would put it in her fridge and it lasted for a long time. The idea of Orchids in my life became significant.

Lillies have always had a place in my heart just because of Easter, and every Easter someone would bring me a pot of Lilly’s I would sit them in the dirt and never touching them the root would grow through the pot and eventually become rooted in the soil and sprout everywhere.

Sunflowers- are also another favorite because every time I had a vegetable garden I would see at least one. One sunflower would always stand out and the idea growing up of having sunflower seeds was fun.

Amongst the many reasons I’ve stated so far of why I don’t like being given Red Roses the biggest reason would be that my Grandfather whom passed away had his casket covered with Red Roses. Now just because of the negative reasons I have stated about having real Red Roses doesn’t mean I detest them entirely.

 I would prefer a photograph of any color Rose preferably the Red Rose over the actual Rose itself. One because it doesn’t die. Two because you can imagine what it smells like, and come up with your own idea. Three because now you have created a memory rather than just having a rose sit on a counter wilting.

 When photographed usually Red Roses tend to stand out and with droplets of water on their leaves or next to a book or face, it ads more character to the actual rose than when it stands alone. 

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  1. Nice work for pondering upon - I enjoyed the imagery. I feel much the same about roses!